Pillow Pun is a  unique pillow in a limited edition at the Danish Craft Collecton 14, with hand-embroidered statements and decoration. The pillows are made of locally produced Fairtrade hemp in Yunnan province, China.

Fair Trade Designers visited China in 2007 and has been working there since, with Fair Trade production.

The production is handled by Chinese women who harvest, twist, spin and weave the hemp into lengths of fabric. The hemp is woven in a fixed width that is appropriate for the Miao people’s traditional dress.

The pillows are embroidered locally by Lisu and Miao women, and each pillow carried the personal imprint of the woman who did the embroidery in the form of an outline of her hand with her name written inside.

When you buy this Pillow Pun, you help building a better life for women and children in the poor and beautiful mauntains of Yunnan.

About pilbredahl

Pil er den ene af de 3 designere i FairTrade Designers

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