Fair Danish Design in Zimbabwe

At International Fair Trade Day in 2008 FairTrade Designers (FTD) meet Ida Ljunggren, now manager of Fair Trade Danmark, and found out that we shared the goal of connecting Design and Fair Trade. Shortly after this meeting Ida started working for Fair Trade Denmark (FT DK), and FTD  and FT DK started a project to match designers and importers with the purpose of creating new designed fair trade products. FairTrade Designers, was already engaged in Fair Trade production in China and productions of  designs made in FSC wood from Ghana. Doing ’09 and ’10 we all continued working on how to set up the relation, communication and the co-operation in the project. And now, finally we are proud to be one of the two first pilotprojects, when SUP: Søren Ulrik Petersen and Jonas Pedersen are going to work with FSC wood in co-operation with Simplemente Madera i Nicaragua, and we are going to Zimbabwe to work with stones.

This summer FairTrade Designers visited Alice Jul Jørgensen at Huset ved Havet on her beautiful shop terrace over viewing the sea. Here we planned workshops and traveling to Chitungwiza to work with the skilled stonemason at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre. There FairTrade Designers will make workshops to exchange experience and knowledge with the gifted craftsmen and develop new fair trade design products.

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