Education is hope

Since the 1990s, Zimbabwe’s development stalled and almost gone back. This has led the country from a leadership position in South Africa to be one of the poorest countries. When the inflation, in July 2008, was 231 million percent it were one of the worlds highest. Today 85 pct. of the population in Zimbabwe lives in poverty, and unemployment’s is right now above 80 pct. The health – and education system was once among the best in Africa but is now in ruins, just like other systems, such as postal and electricity, is completely worn down and not functioning. Zimbabwe’s poverty is disastrous both economically and socially. Corruption, political violence and oppression are part of everyday life for most people. The talented and clever people we were so fortunate to work with on our workshop in Chitungwiza Art Center, made a big impression on us.

FairTrade Designers are working to strengthen the participants through training. We try to give them an insight into new ways to run their business. Through training of market understanding, marketing and technical drawing, we hope to equip them, to step into the market for ethical design that is FairTrade Designers trajectory. We custom design each workshop to all our current projects, and we base our work on exactly what our participants are god at. The concrete results of the workshop will shortly be available here on the blog. Please feel free to ask questions or comment on our work.


  1. I really admire your work – the kind of work that is really needed in this world! All the best for your project in the future, Barbara

  2. Vibeke

    Breathtaking to think about the courage and faith your whole project represents! I also admire your work. Vibeke

  3. A great initiative, and the only sensible way to move forward! Keep up the good work!

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