Handmade, fair trade stone products from Zimbabwe

Disse produkter er nogle af resultaterne fra en workshop med FairTrade Designers og de anerkendte kunst stenhuggere i Chitungwiza Art Centre som ligger lidt udenfor Harare, hovedstaden i Zimbabwe.

“Huset ved Havet” er producent af stenprodukterne.  Se priser mm. her.

Bowl On Tray

BowlOnTray2.jewellery.L copy



Light On Tray

LightsOnTray.nær.L copy


Candle Holders in different shapes and stones, handmade in Zimbabwe.



Melted Stone

Candle Holder made in Spring Stone from Zimbabwe. Handmade and fairtrade.

MeltedStone.single.L copy

MeltedStone.multi.L copy


Handmade bowl in FSC wood from Ghana.  Included in Danish Crafts Collection: CC14

WORM5 – also made from FSC wood at Ecocraft, Samartex in Westghana. Sold by FairTrade Designers.


Handmade bracelets by Miao women from the mountains of Yunnan, China

Wedding Soles

Hand-embroidered soles to add in your favorite shoes. The soles are a redesign  of an old Chinese wedding tradition where all guests receive a pair of hand-embroidered soles to wear, on the long walk home over the mountains.


Handmade pillow collection, included in CC13. Design FairTrade Designers, made by the Miao, Yi and Lisu women from China

Fair & Square

Handmade pillow collection, included in CC12. Design FairTrade Designers, made by the Miao, Yi and Lisu women from China

Photos by Liselotte Risell and Andreas Mikkel Hansen


  1. astrid

    Skønt med produkt og design som er vedkommende

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